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Exploring the Subject of the "Defense Responsibility" for Taiwan

Commentators on international military affairs say that it is highly unlikely that Taiwan can win a "military arms race" with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). If the Taiwanese people can find an alternative solution to their long-term defense needs, that will give everyone much more "peace of mind," and provide a much better foundation for Taiwan’s sustainable development over the coming decades.

Despite the disputes over "unification" and "independence" within Taiwan, it is undeniable that PEACE is the greatest guarantee for shared cross-strait prosperity.

In early 2019, the Taiwan President told international news reporters that in the event of an all-out attack by the PRC, Taiwan’s military could only hold out a few days.

Does everyone realize what this is equal to? This is equal to saying that Taiwan has no "national defense."

Take the situation in Kuwait for example. Iraq launched an all-out invasion of Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990, and within three days announced the complete annexation of Kuwait, making it the 19th province of Iraq.

We may ask, how many days did it take the international coalition to come together and begin to repel Iraq? 10 days? 20 days? 30 days? (Actually, it was 168 days.) Taiwan people should take careful note of Kuwait’s recent history.

We can also look at the 1898 Spanish American War. The United States was the principal victor, and (1) after the peace treaty came into force, but (2) before the U.S. recognized the independence of Cuba, the U.S. assumed full responsibility (manpower, equipment, budget, administration, etc.) for Cuba’s defensive needs.

International law scholars say that for an "economic entity" that is not recognized as an "independent state," it cannot have military conscription policies, and as a result cannot have its own military forces (army, air force, navy, marines, etc.)

We know that the U.S. was the principal victor in WWII in the Pacific. Therefore, according to this rationale, before the U.S. formally recognizes Taiwan as an "independent state," the defensive needs of Taiwan should be 100% handled by the USA! Well, at the very least, this topic needs to be thoroughly investigated!

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